July 4, 2015

Group Exercise Classes

High-Intensity-Interval Heart-Rate Training

45-min to increase your metabolism for the next 24-hours

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Lose Weight and Tone Up:

Our group fitness classes combine cardiovascular work on the treadmill and ergometer (rowing machine) with strength intervals (using traditional and new age strength training tools) to provide you with the necessary after-burn.

Quantify your workouts for the highest quality of exercise! Burn up to 550 calories per workout

Each participant in our group workouts wears a heart rate monitor so we can track the time you spend in each heart rate zone. You will get a HIIHRT report 8-28report of your workout including:

  • percentage of time spent in each heart rate zone
  • maximum heart rate achieved
  • average heart rate
  • calories burned

This allows us to make the most of your group HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout. High intensity intervals have been shown to increase oxygen consumption during your workouts to a degree which causes your body to burn more calories for hours after the workout (ie after-burn) as your body returns to its resting state.

Choose the right package for you:




*For details on these packages contact us

**Check what you will need to bring for these classes

***Be sure to familiarize yourself with our cancellation policy

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