July 10, 2014

Macro-Nutrient Ratios and Body Composition

The world of fitness sees many ideas regarding proper macro-nutrient ratios. But just like the rest of a fitness regimen, macro-nutrient ratios must be tailored to an individual based on their body type, fitness goals and metabolic profile.

There are three body types all of which will respond differently to the same diet. Endomorphs are those who have a naturally slower metabolism so they store calories they consume easier than the others. These individuals are usually less tolerant of carbs, and so to see weight loss results they may need to reduce their carb intake. The carb calories lost can be replaced with protein. Ectomorphs are on the other end of the spectrum with a high metabolism. They seem to bun all calories they take in, and have a hard time gaining weight and muscle. These individuals have elevated carb tolerance so it might be best to add some extra fat to their diets. Whether those extra calories are borrowed from carbs or protein depends on the individual’s workout habits and fitness goals. Mesomorphs are the genetically gifted individuals who seem to be able to use all their calories for building lean muscle further elevating their spectacular metabolism. These individuals should maintain a protein ratio enough to keep up with their fitness regimen, but where their other calories come from won’t make much of a difference to mesomorphs.

An appropriate macro-nutrient ratio for an average endomorph trying to lose weight would be 35/45/20 (% carbs/protein/fat). Keep in mind their are good and bad foods in each macro-nutrient category. Ectomorphs trying to gain muscle would shoot for 30/45/25 or 35/40/25. Mesomorphs will want to keep their protein around 30-40% (or 1g/lb body weight) while their carbs will account for a higher percent and fat lower percent than protein.

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