September 14, 2014

Class Schedule

by Class Type

To schedule a class click on the “Schedule Me” tab on the right then choose your class type and instructor, click NEXT, review your reservation details and then click BOOK NOW to complete your registration (YOU DO NOT PAY WHEN YOU REGISTER). After you register visit the RATES PAGE where you can pay online (or you can pay in person via cash or credit card when you come to your first class).

Yoga (75-min strength & flexibility – a relaxing challenge):

T  7-8:15pm

Th 7-8:15pm


Zumba (60-min latin vibe dance/cardio class):

Sa 9:30-10:30am

Su 10-11am

Small Group Personal Training (30/45-min High Intensity Interval Workouts, you must pre-register for these classes):

M 11-11:30am (Kellen)

T 6-6:30pm (Heather)

W 11-11:30am (Kellen)

6-6:30pm (Kellen)

Th 6-6:30pm (Heather)

F 11-11:30am (Kellen)

6-6:30pm (Kellen)

Sa 8:45-9:30pm (Kellen) NEW!!

Alameda Personal Training

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