October 21, 2014

Walk-In Personal Training

$20 each session, drop-in rate

You can walk in to the gym for your workout any time. Now you have the same chance for a personal training session.

Just stop by the studio (2414 Central Ave STE A) during off-peak hours, fill out a waiver and get a private session WITHOUT AN APPOINTMENT

OFF-PEAK HOURS: (Begin November 1, 2014)

Tuesday 1-3pm

Wednesday 2-5pm

Thursday 2-5pm

Friday 1-3pm

First-come, first-served. waiver must be signed and payment accepted before each session. Only 1 session can be purchased at a time. Can be combined to make a 60-minute workout

For more information on this or other services:

Call – 510.712.0093

e-mail – alamedaptkellen@gmail.com

Alameda Personal Training

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