July 8, 2014

Weight Loss in Alameda

Receive sample meal plans, body composition tracking and nutrition advice based on your personal metabolic profile

If you are working out hard and not seeing the results you desire chances are your nutrition is the culprit. Kellen with Alameda Personal Training has the tools to help you bust your weight loss plateau. Honing your nutrition is key to weight loss, and you can not do this without proper tracking of caloric intake and daily energy expenditure. The best tool for weight loss in Alameda is the three pronged approach of Alameda Personal Training (exercise, nutrition, tracking).

Everyone is a little different when it comes to what nutrition plan will work for their weight loss goals. Alameda Personal Training will help you find the proper macro-nutrient proportions and calorie deficit to maintain a healthy lifestyle and reach your ideal weight and body fat percent.

After our initial weigh-in I will calculate your basal metabolic rate (BMR-how many calories your body burns carrying out normal bodily functions) and your total daily energy expenditure (your basal metabolic rate + everything else you do). This let’s us know how many calories you are burning in a day which is a powerful tool to have when attempting to lose weight. Taking in to account your goals and starting point Kellen will tailor for you the most effective plan for weight loss in Alameda by utilizing daily-caloric-intake tracking, weekly weigh-ins and fine tuning your nutrition plan. Our workouts together will help you build lean muscle which will increase your BMR and speed up your results. If you are serious about changing your shape and body composition, or just want to get healthier, Alameda Personal Training’s nutrition advising is the best choice for weight loss in Alameda.

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