June 7, 2015

Weight Release Workshops

2 chances to attend this powerful workshop offering a conscious approach to reaching your goal weight:

Put on by William Escobar and Danielle LaRock (follow the links to register)

workshop A
Revealing Challenges to Break Through – Wednesday, 6/10

You will learn:

  • The vital questions to ask when you assess your eating habits
  • Building awareness of current limiting beliefs that have been keeping the weight on
  • How to make small changes that yield big dividends over time

workshop B
Implementing Mental and Emotional Skills for Success – Wednesday, 6/24

You will learn:

  • The mental and emotional skills for achieving your goals
  • Your key steps for success
  • Visualizations for helping you create the healthy body you want

Discounts available when you bring a friend &/or attend both days

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